Camberwell Lane, London.

The landscape design has been developed to provide a high quality, robust public realm which will have a unique sense of place. A collaborative design approach has led to an integrated, holistic design encouraging permeability throughout predominantly vehicular free shared surfaces. The landscape proposals provide a setting for the new and retained built form whilst establishing a range of spaces and places suitable for activities, recreation and enjoyment by existing and future residents, employees and visitors alike.

An overarching concept has informed the design, material palette and will strengthen the link between the character areas. The landscape proposals aim to complement both the existing and proposed urban form whilst creating a high-quality public realm. Strategic green spaces will be provided enhancing the urban form. Playspaces, bespoke seating and planting incorporated within these will create a rich and visually exciting environment.

The language and materiality of the landscape design make reference to the history of Camberwell through the concept of lanes and yards to provide a strong sense of place. The scheme humanises the scale of the development, through strategic use of existing and proposed trees alongside the introduction of street furniture. This also provides a clearly navigable space, with paving patterns and street furniture positioned to guide users around the site. High quality attractive materials are to be utilised within the scheme. A restrained yet robust palette will enhance the scheme and ensure longevity. Planting will be designed to also follow these principles to create seasonality, movement, colour and texture. These are to be underpinned by strong, structural, evergreen planting to provide a scheme that will suit all seasons.

Camberwell Lane
Camberwell Lane
Camberwell Lane
Camberwell Lane
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